Four Corners Alliance Group Review: Does It Actually Work?

It is important to understand the dynamics of economics. In this modern era, having a stable financial platform and building a life-changing earning opportunity from it is vital. Having some professional help in that sector can be beneficial, this is where an organization like Four Corners can help.

Four Corners Alliance Group is a part of Cornerstone Alliance, so they have a solid background. They claim to provide a platform to entrepreneurs searching to build a life changing earning opportunity.

Benefits Four Corners Alliance Group

They have some good years of experience among their employees. The CEO, David Harrison, has established himself as a person with good business sense and is willing to share his insights. They have all the technical capabilities as well, and the will and determination to succeed. So they have the potential of turning around your financial career.

Pros and Cons

The system lets you earn by spreading the word, as simple as that. It is essentially focused and based on networking, which is in contrast to our last post about ipas2 marketing system.

The more you buy/sell, the more you earn. Even if you never sell anything there is still ways for you to make considerable profit. It seems to be a win-win situation. There is a tragic flaw in any networking business. If the company runs out of business, the entire network crumbles.

There are not many apparent ways out of this, so it becomes a major headache. Luckily Four Corner alliance has a history and trajectory so you can trusted to be stable.

How Things Work Inside Four Corner Alliance

You get access to great products once you become affiliated with Four Corners.

You can sell these products to other affiliates or retail customers. You get a nice commission on every sale plus extra incentives as well. Your success in four corner alliance just like with any other network marketing company depends on the effort you put in.

Four Corner Alliance Background

The Four Corners Alliance Group was launched in March, 2013. David Harrison started developing businesses at an early age and has now allowed him to become the prestigious CEO that he is today.

During his career, he was disgusted with the lack of money-making infrastructure despite all the great potentials. This burning desire to create profit for entrepreneurs drove him to develop a company of his own which would guide people to efficiently leverage business models and make money.

Four Corner Alliance FAQ

• How to know the products?

The official website ( provides a good overview of all products and the reasoning behind why they exist and were initially created in the first place.

• How to sell the products?

You do not need to go from door to door. Members have access to retail stores, and online tools to attract customers to learn more about the business.

• How to buy?

There are many flexible payment options available to choose from.

• How the commissions are paid?

Wire transfers, Solid Pay Trust and other effective measures are followed to pay commission.

• What is Matching Sponsor’s Commission?

A part of the incentive scheme, the sponsors match the commission of your sells with an additional bonus commission.

Return on Investment

Issues As with any investment there are always risk involved when starting a new business, the key to developing a good and solid business with four corner alliance lies in remaining consistent and really diving into the products so you can couch other people into using them when is your turn to recruit new members.

Learning The Important Stages of Internet Business Development

ipas2 businessAre you searching for the best strategies to make a sale? if so a sales funnel can be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to closing sales quicker and more effectively.

A sales funnel is a metaphor to describe the process through which marketers analyze and manage their sales opportunity portfolios. Sales funnels clearly outline everything from initial contact with customers to the stage where an actual sale is made.

Various marketing systems focus on this in great detail, but ipas2 has been on the leading edge of delivering decisive information on how to go about increasing your reach, audience and message to have more of an impact on society and people.

During the multiple stages of a sales funnel, sellers are able to predict the percentage a customer is likely to buy. As the saying goes “ Something that can be measured can also be improved” which is why marketers usually tweak and improve sales funnels according to their effectiveness. Of course there are ongoing annual conferences you can attend for deeper knowledge and experience. Look up

How the IPAS2 Sales Funnel Works?

As a salesman pursues an opportunity, most of their efforts go toward removing any barriers to the sale. Most common problems that salesmen run into when closing a sale, include customers lack of clarity, value and even his/ her budget issues.

Developing a proper sales metrics is the best way to remove such barriers and guarantee quick sales. It is possible to create a unique sales funnel depending on how you relate with customers. This should however be combined with a specific plan of action on how to move from one stage to the next. Another beneficial side effect would be to get around someone who is helping lead the charge in that particular industry like traffic mogul Vick Strizheus.

The information about stages in this article will likely help you design your own and effective sale funnel strategy:

The Stages Of iPAS 2 Business Development


Some people refer to these as suspects because they are people you have not yet spoken to with regards to the sales. Leads only become customers when you decide to persuade them into buying. It is important to track leads that become customers and analyze what exactly push them to make a decision to buy.


When you approach a target customer and they confirm interest in whatever you are selling, he or she is then said to be a prospect

Qualified Prospect

This is the most crucial stage of the funnel as it involves verifying issues that could make or break the sale. You need to make sure the prospect has a need for your product; they see value in it and have sufficient money to dedicate to it. This process is often lengthy and you must manage it properly to get to the next stage.


When all or most red flags are eliminated, it is time to get verbal commitment from the customer who should have read the terms of contract already. Working out terms including mode of payment and delivery follows


The last stage of the funnel involves, the exchange of money for the product or services the customer intents to buy. If you are a sales person understanding all stages of a sales funnel can help manage all opportunities that come your way, ensuring maximum profits for your time.

Online Sales Funnels

The stages describe in this article are general steps that take place in most sales funnels. Now days the Internet has given us the freedom to design sales funnels that don’t require us to be there and repeat ourselves to every customers, these are call online sales funnels. From the same author as above, make sure you read all of the scam reviews about iPAS 2 to avoid the pitfalls of misleading and wrong information put forth in the business arena.

If you would like to learn more about online sales funnels and how to create them, is a good idea to learn from studying successful sales funnels such as IPAS2, a complete internet prospect acceleration marketing system that can also train you with information about strategies to sale and attract more prospects online.